Radical reactions have emerged as one of the most powerful tools for the construction of carbon-carbon and carbon-heteroatom bonds in organic synthesis. However, the development of catalytic asymmetric radical reactions to realize the stereochemical control of open-shell intermediates still remains a formidable challenge owing to the high reactivity of such free radical species.

To solve this challenging problem, Our group has been leading one important revolution in this area by developing a series of chiral anion/Cu catalysts as a novel single-electron transfer catalyst to realize different types of radical-involved asymmetric reactions ever since the establishment of my independent research group in July, 2013. Major contributions to the chemistry in related areas are briefly outlined as follows:
(a) We have successfully developed the novel asymmetric radical 1,2-difunctionalization of unactivated alkenes, C-H bond functionalization of alkanes, and cross-coupling reaction of alkyl halides. 
(b) We have also developed the novel radical-initiated remote C–H/C–C bond functionalizations.

As a young and vibrant research group, we strongly encourage anyone who are interested in these exciting research areas to join us.